About Charlie Swims


Hi, I'm Allie and I absolutely love traveling with my family and friends. When I was preparing for a recent trip, I searched and searched for coordinated swimwear for the whole family and came up short.

And then it hit me...I gave up searching, and decided to start my own line.  

Introducing Charlie Swims!

We LOVE spending time with our doggies, especially around the pool. Lilly, our golden retriever will jump right in and swim non-stop. Rocky, our toy Aussie, won't come close to the pool's edge. Charlie, our mini Aussie will get in, but only on a float.

We decided on the name "Charlie Swims" after our sweet Charlie girl. I feel like Charlie just "nails" life--she loves to eat, she's incredibly athletic, and she loves being in the middle of the action, which obviously includes floating in the pool (always looking her best). Not that we have a favorite, but Charlie wins this round!

Charlie and I can't wait for Charlie Swims to be a part of your next adventure!



Allie, Dave, Jack, Mikey, Arabelle and Charlie